Thursday, 16 February 2012

Review of Blog

This is defiantly the blog that i use the most, looking through this i can see that i pretty much blog everyday throughout the day, which is good as you can see how you work and if working in this style works for you. For me it has been doing my fine!
I like using this blog, its a way for me to document everything i do within a brief and explain as i go alone what my thoughts are and why i did something in this way. I use it to write down what I'm thinking when i think of an idea or when designing at the time, so when people look back over it they can understand the direction of my work and why i did it in this way.
At first it did take me some time to get used to using this and the whole idea of it, as i never had done anything like this. When i first started i used to blog pretty much everything within the project, because i didn't really understand it and i wanted to make sure that everything was documented, but now i am more selective with it, i only post things which have a meaning to the brief/significant changes or design within the brief that needs to be seen/explained about. I also try to use a more mature and design orientated language to make it look more professional, along with any imagery taken to a good quality to make everything look a high standard. After using this blog now i don't think i couldn't have one, it is a very useful tool.
From starting this course i have learnt so much, the majority of things is understanding things better so i can actually put them into practise within my work. The software workshop we have had, i have known how to use programs but i have been shown new things and short cuts etc which make using the software everyday so much easier and quicker to design.
My understanding of graphic design is so much better, after having all the design principles workshops i have learnt things about designing and what to use etc when designing, along with the lectures we have understanding everything has become a lot clearer.
The briefs and group work we have done so far has been excellent, everything we have done has pushed me as a designer, made me learn new things within software. There hasn't been one project which i have found easy or new what to do because id done it before. Even if i did find something easy then id be pushed by the limit of time we had to produce it or the format working with. A lot of the briefs we have had have been high paced and quite a lot to produce, but that has made me a better designer. From working in college and doing a project over a couple of months, i can now create the same amount of work to a as good or better standard in a couple of weeks.
I have learnt that research and design ideas are everything within a project, spending more time on this at the beginning of a brief, makes everything easier and everything flows better throughout the design process, giving a better more executed final piece of work. I know that I'm not the best drawer but i am adequate enough to get something down on paper that represents the idea i want to create.
I found myself taking lots of notes and doing little doodles of any ideas that come into my head when working or looking at other designers work.
From doing the many projects i have working in many disciplines within graphic design, using different formats and different outcomes, working with all these as widened my ability to design for different means and i have now found something which i enjoy doing - publication design, along with letter press and screen printing. Ive never really been a big fan of doing posters for an event or advertising something as i feel anyone can knock that together, but doing a poster with a design meaning behind it appeals more to me which i want to develop more.
Its great, i love how much i have improved already!

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