Wednesday, 22 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Development of Posters

So i have started to design the posters i thought id tackle the two that have the illustrations on first as they would be the most consuming in time. I have the relevant text and raindrops in place, but then i started to experiment with the raindrops to see the different effects it had on the posters.

i have experimented with the background raindrops, to see what i could do with them to make them abit more interesting than just plain filled colour. 
I definatly don't like the top one - smaller droplets to create big one, i don't like the look of it, it feels to heavy and over powering of the main one because of the block of colour.
i like the bottom three, probably the one with the + in because its not quite as in your face but yet you can still it is there, i do still like the filled colour ones though, so i think its between them two really, i will re evaluate when I've done the illustration inside the middle raindrop.

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