Wednesday, 1 February 2012

100 things…Book Packaging

After researching into some book packaging, i started to use some of the ideas and combine them together to create a packaging that i thought would work well for my products.

This last one is my favourite and the one that i am going to use. I like the idea of have the box bit where all the booklets will go and you will be able to see all the different colours and the name down the spine, so it will be easy to identify each one. 

I am going to use this as the overall packaging. Inside the packaging there will be the travel guides and i have decided to include bigger versions of the maps and a postcard which explains what the pack is for and link to further information.

I have made this packaging using thick card and as you can see in the pictures it has cracked on the corners and you can see the white card edges coming through, i dont really like the finish to this and think that it lets the rest of the work down that i have done, so i am going to re-print and make the packaging again using a thinner card, hopefully it wont crack using this.

Belly bands
For the products inside the packaging i am going to split them up by using a belly band to wrap around them. There will be one for the travel guides and one for the maps. I am keeping these simple by just using the main logo and the name of the products inside them.

The picture above are of the packaging that i printed in the mac suite as a mock up for the crit on monday, i have now printed them out properly and they look alot nicer, the book packaging box has come out alot better than the previous, there is no crease lines down the edges, and the paper hasnt split or anything, so i am really happy. With the belly bands they didnt really have any depth to them as the blending modes didnt print properly, but now i have printed them properly they look much better.

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