Monday, 27 February 2012

D&AD Final Crit

For the crit on this brief we had to take our 3 posters and a sheet for the analysis technique which we had to fill in before our crit.
This sheet had been split down into the DIET technique, which stands for - description, interpret, evaluate, theorise. This would be the basis of the crit and what we would describe our work on to the rest of the people in the crit.

My analysis:
Describe - A series of poster based on the theme rain, playing on the saying ' rain rain go away '
Interpret - The posters are to inform the audience about the importance of rain and how Britain uses all the rain that it gets.
Evaluate - The posters are to inform the audience about the rain, which i think i have covered, they are eye catching with the big illustration but also have some information on which i have kept short so you can read it quickly/ not be put off by the amount of text on it.
The poster would best fit in a public place, maybe a billboard ad or bus shelter ad, i see these as being a campaign for rain/recycling rain and how people can help. I think that they all work well as a set and respond to the brief.
Theorise - The problem was to inform the audience about rain in britain which i feel as though i have done, i took the brief on the more informative route and looked at the usefulness of rain, but this was stated that rain was useful in erik's quote - i think that my poster interpret this factor well.
The colours could be improved as printed out more green than i wanted.
The 3 poster about each specific thing would only work as a set, on there own wouldn't make much sense, which i could look at.

Crit feedback:
The feedback from my crit was positive, everyone said that they liked the designs and that the information on them was useful and relevant. The illustrations on the poster were good and tied in with the theme of rain and gave the posters extra meaning, they draw your eyes in.
The type of 'rain rain, go away please stay' could be a poster on its own? maybe work that up into a poster as the message on its own is very strong.
They liked how from the 3 i had originally produced i then went onto the fourth which brings them together into one poster for the competition - shows the process of my work.

Look at the illustration part of the design - maybe doesn't need the two rain drops on the outside of the illustration - distracts away from the actual illustration, without them it will make the posters more simple and clean which was the look i was going for.
Maybe add another colour a bright colour to contrast the blue, use this within the illustration to highlight the meaning of it  - wildlife highlight swan - agriculture highlight some of crops - household highlight the container.

From this feedback i am going to work on the 4th poster which brings them all together as one, as this would be the one to submit, i feel as those the other 3 work fine as a set together and because I'm not submitting them i don't need to work on them straight away in time for the deadline of the live brief.

For the poster to submit i am going to look at:
- the rain drops in the background
- colour of the title/raindrop outline
- colour within the illustration.

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