Monday, 27 February 2012

Communication is a virus//OUGD406

A new brief as part of OUGD406 module, this time we have 2 week collab brief. We got to decide our groups for this brief, which was good, i am in a group with Mikey, Martin and Nikki, i have worked with mikey and nikki before and it went well and martin and i have had some influences the same and some of our work is similar so we should all work together well i hope.
For this brief its all about getting the concept right and getting this concept and message out into the audience.
For the concept we got to choose from a list:
get people to:
try something new
talk/communicate more
read more
tell the truth more
use public transport
live healthier lives
give more
use their vehicles more responsibly.

Our group choose to do get people to tell the truth more, we choose this one because we felt it was the one we could work with the most, it had the best ideas generated on the spot for and the others which we had in mind, some of us had done something previous or everyone wasn't quite sure of it, so we all came to an agreement of this one.

From this we got time to talk between us to get the concept, audience and team leader decided.
Our team leader is martin!
Our concept is public interaction
Our audience is the public.

When we talking together we were trying to come up with some ideas of what we could do, we all were thinking bait different to start with but then we came to some decisions - that we wanted it to be to a wide audience on a mass scale as we didn't just want to change one persons thought of it. We didn't really want to do a poster or leaflet because we didn't think this could change someones thoughts of telling the truth more.
To get the results we wanted and something to be on the scale we wanted we came up with the idea of public interaction, where you design something or have something which you leave in a public place for people to see or interact with and then get there reactions from this. Sort of like a flash mob.

So we started to think more along these lines and were coming up with some different ideas for what we could put in place for the public to interact with. After some ideas, we started to get more and more along the line of either using a box to put lies in from the public and this would fill up which we could measure or have some sort of question which we ask which they either choose truth or lie and pick something of a board to correspond with this.
As a group we are happy with these decisions we have made, we are just now starting to think of different ways we can get the public to interact with an installation to get the results we want and for us to get the message across of telling the truth more.

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