Wednesday, 29 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Final Poster to Submit

This is the final poster which i am going to submit to the competition, from the previous posters i have used my feedback from the crit to make changes to the design. I have got rid of the rain drops at the side as they were unnecessary to the design and distracted from the main illustration in the centre. I have revisited the colours on the edge of the raindrop and the headings - this resulted in changing the text colour and dotted line colour to make all in keeping. 
The only thing i haven't done from the crit was to introduce another brighter bolder colour to the illustration which was to highlight the area it was talking about, but because this poster has all three on it looked out of place having the colour repeated 3 times within the illustration, so i decided to stick with the original look. 

Printed version of my final D&AD poster.

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