Tuesday, 7 February 2012

100things…Digital Guides

As part of further developing my idea, i am going to do i digital version of the guides. Except they wont be separate, i will merge them all into one book. This would be available to download off the website for my products. Along with this i found software which you can convert pdf's to work as an iBook on iphone and ipads. As i only have the trial version i can only do 5 pages, but this will show a mock up of what could be.

Interactive pdf
I cant show the interactive part of this on here as i cant upload a pdf with interactive features onto blogger. But on the contents page if you click on the sections within the book, then it will jump to that page.

iPhone iBook
I found some software which lets you convert a pdf into the right format for it to become an iBook, as i only have the trial for this i can only do 5 pages, but this just shows the concept of the idea and if i was to develop it more i would purchase the software.
This would also work for an iPad too, i would just need to adjust the size of the file to fit the iPad screen.

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