Tuesday, 21 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Design Sheets

From deciding on my idea for the poster i started to draw the visuals for it, by now i had quite a clear view of what i was wanting to produce, so doing the design sheets was quite easy in this case. But trying out the posters in different compositions and using different aspects developed the ideas further.

As you can see from the bottom couple of pages i am trying to keep the poster simple and the bare minimum as this is more within the swiss style which erik kessels work is like. 
I didn't really want to do it type based as i didn't think this would portray an attractive look for rain in the UK, to me it needs some sort of imagery within it, which using the raindrops i feel works for this. I know using raindrops is the first thing that comes to mind, but it links it in within the posters as there isn't really anything else which stands out to make it seem like its about rain when you first glance at it. I am going to use the raindrops in a creative way, not just put them on the page, but my creating the shape out of type for the type poster and then on the other two i was thinking about maybe using halftone or some sort of pattern for the ones in the background, again to take it away from being a raindrop placed on the page. Maybe even using words to do with the importance of rain on each of the subjects - agriculture and animals in the background raindrop shapes. I can test all these ideas out once i get into the designing stage digitally. 

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