Thursday, 16 February 2012

OUGD404 evaluations

Scale of letters
Within this task for the scale of letters, we were working with fonts and fonts sizes. To start with we were experimenting with different styles and learning the point sizes etc, we then moved onto using different typefeaces to create a new letter form. We then used this to experiment with different point sizes and styles. To finish this workshop we used one of the letters to create a typeface.
I found this workshop very useful, learning the background of the different styles of fonts and how they came to begin like that, made me understad them more and when to use them. Experimenting with the different fonts to create a new now was good practise in designing a letterform and learning the make up of the letterform. I thought this was really useful in my understanding to typography.

Colour theory
This workshop was definatly one of the hardest for me. I have never really studied colour before, i knew what each colour represented but not really looked into it in as much depth as we did here. I learnt an awful lot through these workshop. To start with i did find it confusing as there was alot to take in but now when im using colour i understand it alot more and know what colours to use together, i feel my coliur selection within my work has been etter since, i now start to look at a full colour palette and try to create my own for each piece of work i create. Also learning about cmyk and rgb in detail has helped me when designing for print and digital, especially for print as i understand the mixing of cmyk more.
I did find the ittens theory very confusing, i understood it in the workshop when it clear in my head but when i came away i foun myself having to read through it all again to try and remember what each one is.
Overall i found this workshop really useful and it has developed my understanding of colour a great deal, to the point that i am hapoy and confident in what i use within my work.

Type and Grid
Type and grid workshops were definatly my favourite so far, i am really interested in type and image and the whole relationship between these within a given format, the basics to this is using the grid, which i had looked at before but not as much as this, so these workshops futher developed my understanding of it and the use of them. Especially looking at how you can create so many varied layouts from the same grid. These workshops were really useful to me, especially in the brief we were doing at that current time. I do feel that my understanding is better and that my work with layouts has become better since these.
Within the workshops we also learnt about measuring type and the line spacing, this was quite confusing to start with but after practising it again and again i got the idea of it.

Hotdog books
This was the outcome of workshops looking at frame and images. We started by having a photography induction which was looking at using slr to create experimental photography based on colour, this was then moved onto looking at image and objects within the image to create some interesting photography, which we carried out in college and outside, in leeds. For these we were given a focus, mine was letter A.
In the end this developed into creating a hotdog fold booklet on out focus.
These workshops were interesting, ee hadnt really looked at image and photography until this point and i found it interesting, especially the photography induction as i learnt alot i can use in my own work.
The hotdog booklets were good fun and something different to what we had been working on, for mine i got work using an old technique; letterpress, this was great for me as i enjoy this technique and i did really enjoy working with it and was pleased the outcome for this.
This workshop has been good and has involved alot of different ways of thinking and producing work, it was good fun and really useful at the same time.

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