Monday, 27 February 2012

PPP//Who Are You

Today we have been working on our pop module and have been given a new brief which is work in conjunction with the design software workshops.
When we first came to college for the interview we were given a questionnaire to fill out, which was all about us and who we were, we were given this questionnaire again to how our answer would differ and to see if we filled it our easier - safe to say i still found it as hard!

After this exercise we were given another one, which again e had done when we first started the year as an ice breaker, this was where we had to interview a partner to find out more about them. In this case the questions were slightly different but the same idea was in place, my partner was kathryn.

From this exercise we are now going to produce a double page spread on our partner using indesign, we will be doing this in the indesign workshops that we have, starting on thursday.

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