Wednesday, 22 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Final Poster so far

Here are the final poster i am going to use, they still need some tweaking yet, which i will do tomorrow before i print them tomorrow afternoon. But now i have all the final designs done it all looks good and works as a set, so i am pleased with that

Now they are all here as a set i am happy with what they are looking like so far, they look good as set and all comprehend together. Im not sure if this is what was wanted for the competition but I'm not really bothered about that to be honest, yeah it would be nice to win and get my work out there but i have enjoyed doing this work as i have worked with illustration, which i don't normally do and didn't think i could do it very well, but from what i have produced here i am pretty chuffed with myself. 
The tweaks i want to look at are:
looking at the rain - making it fill in all the section up the the hills as looking at it now it looks a bit odd finished how it is.
looking at the placement of text on the 3 specific poster - they are all around the same place, but i want to make sure each one is the same and play around with it as I'm not 100% happy with it at the minute.

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