Wednesday, 22 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Alternative to type poster

When i had created the four poster, i felt that the type poster didn't really fit in with the other three as they were mainly illustration based. I also didnt really like the design of it anymore, so i thought of another idea, which incorporated all three illustrations from each poster created.

basically i added each section of each of the specific posters to create on big illustration for the main poster.

I then had a thought of adding the extra information in to show what each section of the illustration is for and it links it in with the other posters too. 
But for the competition this would be the one i would submit and I'm not sure if i would want this added information on it for that, as i don't know if on its own it is relevant. I think for the studio work i will print this last version as it links in well with the other posters but for submitting to the competition i may do it without, i am unsure yet.

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