Monday, 20 February 2012

OUGD406// Design is about doing: The poster brief

So we have just started the new module today and to kick it off we have a week long brief which is also a live brief. One of the D&AD briefs which requires us to design a poster based around rain. The poster is for a talk which Erik Kessels will be taking in Manchester in April this year, the winning poster design will be displayed at this talk.
The competition will be judged by Erik Kessels, we have been given a quote from him, which is the background to the brief basically
"It always rains in your country. Make a poster for visitors to the UK explaining why so much rain is attractive. Don't be sarcastic. After all rain can be romantic, useful or beautiful"

From reading this quote i don't really see how rain is attractive or how to design something around rain being attractive so i didn't really understand that part of it. But from talking to people everyone is seeing it as creating a poster about rain, anything about it really, that communicates rain across and especially train in the UK.

From looking at information on the internet i managed to find some interesting categories on rain which i am going to use to design my idea generations around:
- Moods created from rain
   - happy, singing, moody, gloomy, romantic, lust, love, soothing, aesthetically appealing, dark, dingy,      
     lowers moral
- Types of rain
   - acid rain, rain dust, hail, sleet, heavy, spitting
- Importance of rain
  - animals need it to survive
  - crops need it to grow
  - provides water
  - creates natural things within the earth - oceans, lakes, waterfalls etc
  - can be used as a way of recycling - use in toilets, showers etc
- Sayings
  - its raining cats and dogs
  - nice weather for ducks
  - its raining pitchforks
- Songs
   - rain rain go away, come back another day
   - rain drops keep falling on my head
   - rain, feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane

From these i am going to create some visuals which i can then develop into my ideas for the poster designs.

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