Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life Lessons//initial designs

Music is life
 This is the initial illustration for this design, using the music note instead of actually saying music i feel makes it better and adds to the design, so its not just all type. There will be a background to this but i haven't decided the colour yet.

Its the little things that count

Be cool, Be calm, Be brave, Be wise, Just Be

Life is a story make yours the best seller

Two heads are better than one

Think now draw later

I like the ones with the pencil straight as i think the angled ones look off centred and don't really work well together. Out of the coloured versions i like the one with the white background on the type. I think this would work best for digital print, just because of the colours and for the pencil i used blending modes so it will be quite hard to screen print it.

follow your dreams
This design is going to be either screen printed or woodblock i think probably woodblock, so this is just a preview of what it would look like, obviously the font may be different dependant on what wood block lettering there is, but i want this sort of style. I will still use these colours, variation between the colours will be taken into considerations.

time doesn't wait for anybody

I like the one with the colour on best, this would defiantly be for digital print.

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