Tuesday, 21 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Importance of rain

So for my series of 3 posters i have decided to focus on the importance of rain and what it does the the earth that makes it so attractive.
For the three posters i am going to do one as type and type as image and the other two will be type and illustration based.
The type one will explain the importance of rain in 3 categories - agricultural, animals and human. These were the 3 main categories which came up when i researched into things.
The other two poster will be illustration based on agricultural and animals as these are what make the UK more attractive by having scenery and animals around and the crops give us some colour and plant life within where we live.

My posters are going to be based around the raindrop , but for the type poster the type will make up the raindrops and for the other two the illustration will be inside the raindrop. I am basing the three poster around the saying ' rain rain go away' but i am going to change it to say 'rain rain please stay' as we need the rain to be here in the UK for us all to survive and for it to be the place it is now.
The colour scheme is going to be a light/baby blue with a hint of green too, this is because its based on rain which is blue, well seen as blue and the green is to add bait more depth into the colour. The type will be in grey, as i feel blue and grey work well together.
I am going to print the posters on cartridge paper because it has a nice texture to it and is slightly thicker than the other stock available.

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