Thursday, 23 February 2012

Design Principles//What is a line?

In the last design principles workshop we had we were moving onto the second half of the module, which was where we can write our own brief.
The brief has to be based around ' what is a line?'
To start with we did a small task, which was the beginning of writing our brief, we had to write 20 things to do with a line and 20 things we liked.

20 things to do with a line:
type/roads/sound/light/queues/alphabet/houses/shapes/patterns/materials/grids/electric lines/card/roofline/blinds/keyboard/wires/ruler/windows/pipes/road crossing/pens/squared paper/graphs

20 things i like:
food/music/gigs/driving/films/tea/orange juice/comedians/clothes/vans shoes/travelling/publications/sleep/cheese/bargains/letterpress/levi jeans/ikea/grids

From these lists we had to select one from each and then choose one of the design principles workshops this would be the beginning of our brief.

shapes > travelling > publication
squared paper > tea > type & grid
graphs > sleep > type
alphabet > letterpress > publication
stock > grids > publication
light > gigs > colour

From these that i choose i wrote a short statement of what the brief would be about if i choice that combination:
Shapes > travelling > publication
- publication of shapes from around the world
Squared paper > tea > type & grid
- different tea with grids on squared paper
Graphs > sleep > type
- sleeping patterns plotted on graphs using type
Alphabet > letterpress > publication
- publication of type based letterpress
Stock > grids > publication
- publication using different stocks of grids
Light > gigs > colour
- photograph different colours from lights at a gig.

I have chosen to use the Alphabet > letterpress > publication combination for my brief.
I have changed the idea slightly - i am going to use printing techniques instead of letterpress as this will give me more variety in what i can design and instead of publication i think i am going to base it around posters and maybe do a publication from the poster.

So my brief for this module is going to be:
Type based posters around printing techniques - screen printing/letterpress/woodblock. Maybe scan the posters in to create a publication from these.
The posters are going to be based on sayings/motivational sayings/ life lessons.

What is a line... A series of poster exploring printing techniques

The Brief:
Selecting a process and working with the brief title 'what is a line' You are required to produce a graphic visual based upon your personal like.

Process - Poster/publication
Line - Alphabet/type
Like - Printing techniques - screenprint/letterpress/woodblock type

I am basing the posters on sayings/motivational quotes/life lessons.
Using Anthony Burrill as my main inspiration -

Practical Considerations:
No media restrictions
Can work photographically across 3 dimensions, print, draw or combine all these processes.

Mandatory Requirements:
All visuals should be supported by design sheets and notebooks. On going research on blog.


Studio Deadline:

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