Thursday, 23 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Final Prints

Here are the final prints of my posters, the images aren't the best so i will re take them!

I am pleased with what i have produced, it was different from my normal work, as i don't normally work with illustration, but i enjoyed it and it was good to create something different. I liked working at the bigger scale too, which i will take into other briefs for certain.

The one niggle i have with this is that the headings on the posters have printed a different colour to expected. On screen they looked to have a blue tinge, but when printed they have more of a green tinge which is in keeping with the colours of the posters but i do feel it is slightly off. But i am going to see what anyone else thinks in the crit tomorrow, i will probably adjust the one i submit for the competition.

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