Wednesday, 22 February 2012

D&AD Rain//Poster creations

For the three posters i am going to do a type poster and 2 illustrative and type posters, this will work as a series, even though the second two won't convey the message as a whole on there own, they add the first poster. I don't know if this is right, but i am going to do it like this as it makes it a series. I will end up submitting the one which involves all information.

information on the poster, all kept within a grid, I'm pleased with how the play on the saying as come out and looks effective to me.
arranging the droplets onto the poster, for the three areas - household, agriculture and wildlife.

poster with added type onto the rain droplets. Finished for now, but will probably need some tweaking.

Illustrative posters
For the illustrated posters i am going to create a sort of scene within a raindrop, for the main background of this it will be the same on both poster, so i did that bit first for both of them.
The rain drop that will be used for the illustration to be designed within, the outer two are just to add the  idea of the rain falling and ties it in with the type poster.

adding the hills into the design, this was done by using the arc tool and pen tool to create the selected areas and then filled them in with the colours.

For the rain it took me a while to think how to do it, but then i thought of using the back slash symbol, so i filled in an area with these and deleted them at random, because rain doesn't fall perfectly inline! then i changed the opacity and added a second colour to give it some depth.

The clouds were created by using the circle tool and pathfinder tool, simple to do really, added the colour, on the finished design there will be three different colours of clouds to add to the idea that clouds aren't all the same colour.

Finished background design, on each poster i will add the illustration over the top of this. 

This is fairly simple simple, i used the animal illustrations i created earlier ( on previous post) and put them together to create a pond with the animals in.

To make it seem more realistic, i drew out come pond grass like plants, which will be placed around the  pond in the design

Finished illustration for the wildlife poster. The hardest part of this was getting the pond to look right and making the animals in it the right perspective for it all.

Again using the illustrations created earlier i added them to the background design to create the illustration
First crop line in place, to get the other on i will simple copy and paste.

All the crop lines on, still not sure about having the last one on right up to the edge, but that can be looked at when the whole design is done.

Adding the fence in to make it look more like a farmers field and because i am going to add some animals to make it more realistic and to add to the design too, as it looks a bit boring at the minute.

With the added sheep, this gives the design something extra, it looks a little empty behind the crop lines, but I'm not sure what i could put there yet.

As the type poster had three different areas - agriculture, wildlife and household, i thought i would do a fourth poster for the household and just produce 4 instead of 3, if anything is said i can always take one away but i feel that the fourth one is needed.

For the fourth poster, this is for the household and how you can use rainwater within you house.
Illustration of house which i designed earlier in the day, i have used live paint to add colour to it, using the three colours based within the design ( the three fields).

adding the water container as this poster is about harvesting water, which you use a water container to collect the water outside your house to use in which ever way you like. i have placed it below the roofline so it looks like the rain water would run into it from off the roof.

I added some animals to the illustration as it was looking a bit bare and this gives it more context, it still looks quite empty so i could add some more to this maybe.

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