Tuesday, 7 February 2012

100 things...Final Products

My final 10 products, well now with the new additions of the large scale maps and information postcard it makes it 13!

This is my final products for this brief, i am really pleased with all the outcomes and i believe that they look like a series of guides. Adding in the large maps and information card makes it that bit better i think as it becomes more than just the guides and more of a bit of a pack, but still revolves around the guides. Now i have redone the packaging i am much happier with this too, it looks so much more professional done in this colour and the folded edges are much nicer. Changing the way the box closes makes it neater and like other packaging out there. The belly bands work well with all too, this keeps the products inside seperate and in the two categories within the product. 
Overall i am really happy with the outcome of all my final products.

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