Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Type & Grid - Workshop 2

From the last session we were told to find a magazine spread and draw out the grid for that article. We then had to scale it down so we could create thumbnail sketches of this spread. With the grid we were to re design the spread using some or all of the elements, to create a more designed sensed spread. We have to produce 18 thumb nails, then work up one of the 18 spreads.
On the magazine spread we chose we had to work out the point size of the different type, the linefeed, leading and pica. This will be needed when digitalising the spread.
Article i chose to use, all the relevant information has been marked up on the spread.

original grid for the magazine.

Scaled down versions of the grid. The smallest one is the grid that i used for my thumbnails.

First sheet of thumbnails. Experimenting with the different elements of the spread. I only chose to use a couple of the components on the spread, because i wanted the thumbnails to be more focused on the actual article. I think they look a lot cleaner and the layout has been thought out and looks a lot more professional.

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