Thursday, 19 January 2012

Indesign Workshop

In the second workshop we looked at what type of file to use within am indesign file these are:
Tiff files are flat images, you can save layers within the file, it flattens it at the end of the saving process. When using tiff you can save tiff files with layers built in. Check layers at the save dialog box. Never use tiff files with layers built in for commercial print - not all printers will have up to date software.
when saving photoshop file it saves with all layers editable later. When working with a PSD you can use transparency etc within the file, this saves within the image when used in Indesign.
When using selection tool in psd and double click and it ends the selection, use the shift key and you can add to the selection.

Go to Indesign and place the image into the document. When using an image with transparency you can work with text wrap within the indesign document. Text wrap is where to text will wrap around the image, there are a couple of options you can have:
- text around the frame.
- text around the image - on contour options set to alpha channel.
- text over image.

After this we looked at re-creating an existing design:

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