Thursday, 19 January 2012

100 things…Regions

I originally designed these as part of the other idea i was going to do for the destinations section. But this works as the pages in my hotdog booklets for each of the regions. I have kept the design the same on every page, as its like a guide, but the information changes obviously. The colour scheme is the same throughout each booklet, but differs from each booklet.

Add design sheets and layout pages
Add development
Small symbols - from the symbols that i had drawn on the design sheet i took this straight onto the computer as i didn't think i needed to experiment with these, these not a right lot you can do with symbols. I wanted to keep them nice and simple, as they aren't going to be that big on the page, so they need to be clear and stand out; hence the reverse on colour. I narrowed down the symbols by thinking of the main activities and transport means for the cities these are
-surfing/beach sports

Large Symbols

For the large symbols i had the three main things - climate summer/winter and distance to airport. I wanted to keep these similar to the small symbols but also different as i wanted these to be seen too. As i designed the small symbols with the rounded rectangle, using it made sense, I just played around with the shapes and ended up doing what the outer shape is on these and liked it so ran with it. The symbols inside are just the sun, snowflake and airplane - simple and straight to the point, everyone will know what they mean.

Final designs

I think that all of these work really well as a set, the continuous layout works good across all the destinations and gives it all an identity and something that it kept the same. The colours i have used are abit more pastel-y  choose these because i think its more pleasing to the eye and i think that all the colours work well together. I need to split the black ones up into different colours as they aren't all going to be  in the same booklet. 

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