Wednesday, 11 January 2012

100 things…Catergorise

On monday we got the next part to the brief which was catergorise and communicate.

For the catergorise we have look through all of our research so far and find the interesting facts, stats etc and catergorise these coming up with 100 things to know about your given subject. This would then produce the information for the communicate part.

For the communicate we have to produce 10 graphic products to communicate our subject. These can be a set, series or sequence and be print based. The outcomes are to focus on image and type working together and can be any size and format.

For this section of the brief i am going to:
- look through my facts, stats etc and highlight the most interesting points which i think can follow onto some sort of outcome.
- catergorise this information dependant on the type of info it is, to hopefully create some interesting catergories that i could work with.
- select the best ones to create the final 10 outcomes.

For the categorisation of my facts i printed them off my blog and then read through them to find the interesting points or things that were similar to put them into categories. After this i put each fact/information into a category, i came up with about 12 different categories, for each category i created i wrote a design idea down and further research i needed to get for this category.

Its not very clear on the print out, sorry!

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