Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Letter A book…initial designs

So working on what i was planning for the book, i have done some quick design ideas for the the book being based on one letter - A.

Potential of being front cover material, i like this the most out of the other designs that are similar to this. The design looks better being in this orientation and it just works alot better in my eyes.

 Some more designs like this:

These are some ideas for the inside of the book, i am either going to do it little groups like these or just single letters, at the minute i am liking this idea, but when i do a mock up ill decide for definate

These two designs are ideas for the main poster/design in the middle of the book.
This design is the one i like the most, but it still needs work doing on it because in the top right corner there is alot more of the letters and more squashed in, so it makes the design look uneven and top heavy. But i like the fact that it sort of works within a rectangle on the page.

This was the first version that i did, but i thought that the design needed to have straight edges to make it look like it fits in a rectangle on the page, but this design looks more even, maybe if i play around with the top part of it to make it more square and finished then this could work better.

These are only some quick ideas i drew up that i thought of, so im just working from these at the minute but i like the idea of it and it will look completely different once its been screen printed.

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