Monday, 30 January 2012

100 things…Destinations booklets

The majority of my 10 booklets are made up of the travel guides for the cities in Australia, i am going to produce 7 of these, 1 for each region of Australia. The colour scheme is based on the colours of Australia which are green and yellow.


New South Wales

 Northern Territory



 South Australia

Western Australia

I am really happy with the outcomes of these booklet designs. The colours have worked really well together, i used the colour of the front cover of each booklet as the main colour within the booklet, to tie it all together. The hardest bit was getting the image of each location similar to the colour scheme and then for them all to work together within the book.
I think from looking at each booklet, it has paid off doing so much research and different layouts for the booklets, as i think they are clean and simple, but make the books look professional. If travel guides were like this all the time i definitely would be more attracted to them.

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