Thursday, 26 January 2012

100 things…logo & colour

For the logo i wanted something simple that would stand out off the page/packaging to catch peoples eye and make them want to look it at and pick it up. I also wanted it to relate to the idea of backpacking. To keep it simple i thought of doing something within a circle or other shape which relates to the world/australia. Then as i was trying out this idea i had a thought about doing something like a compass, as backpackers do alot of travelling and a compass links into this it fit quite well i thought, so i tried it out and like it so here it is!

Packaging logo
Here i was trying out the idea of using the circle, the squares inside are to symbolise a compass by pointing at N,S,E,W NE, SE, NW, SW and the little triangles on the outside are to pick up on this idea of the compass again.

Here i was testing out the logo on a coloured background. The first one doesn't sit right on the colour, its looks okay, but i dont think it feels right on the colour, it needs more depth and connection to the colour. To get this i put the back square on multiply to get more of the orange coming through, i think this looks better but still not quite  right.

These last two are the final logos, with all the outlines on multiply and in different opacities adds depth to the logo and it fits on the colour.

Booklet logo
As the booklets are going to be in the packaging i thought that they should have a different logo, something similar, that ties in but different to the packaging.
Again i started the logo just in the solid black line. I kept the idea of using the shapes to create something like the compass, it ties in with the main logo well and i think looks good. Again the logo doesnt sit right on the colour in the solid line.

changing it to multiply, makes it a lot better and something that would catch my eye. 

Here i was testing the logo out on the actual size of the front of the booklet. I decided to have the region code in the logo at the top, as the full names wouldnt fit in and be readable so below it needed the actual name and what the guide was. I tested out by using black, white and on multiply.

Final design i have chosen to use for the front covers. I think that it looks nice and clean and sleek, all the colours and logo etc fit well together and i think it gets across the message of being about travel.

For the front covers and the inners of the page i wanted to each one a different colour so you could distinguish between them all which is which, but i also wanted to keep them similar so that they look as a set. I looked into the colours of Australia which are green and yellow. So i thought why not use this to base the colour scheme off. 
i started with this one but it didnt really look very good together and scrapped the idea of having each cover a completely different colour.

This is the final colour scheme. working from green through to yellow and green upwards. It worked out well as all the regions are going to be the greens through to yellow, and the three others will be the top three colours, these are seperate in the spectrum but shows going from green through to brown, orange and red, which it does in the colour wheel. They are all pastely colours too, which i like. With them being based off green and being more earthy colours it also links in with backpacking and being out in the nature.

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