Thursday, 5 January 2012

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Transport in Australia

A great way if you want to combine travel and accommodation. It is very popular and a lot of fun. There are many places that you can park up for each night. It cannot just be anywhere and you have to go into proper places. There are many Australia campervan companies and all offer different prices and service. The best idea is to use our campervan booking service where our independent agent will find the best camper for you. Just give them the details and they will arrange everything.
Australia bus
Buses are very popular with backpackers.
Rail travel
Rail travel is an option that is often overlooked.
Car hire is easy in Australia and fairly cheap. The distances are very long and you can be in some very remote areas. Read a little more about driving....
There are a number of ferries that you might use whilst here. One is the ferry from Melbourne and Devonport.
Australia flights are becoming more competitive with four carriers, Qantas, Virgin Blue, Tiger and Jetstar. Prices change all the time and it is just a matter of picking the best day and time.

South America
If you know anyone who has been backpacking South America to sum up their memories of the continent, one word would be sure to crop up: buses! Buses are the primary mode of transport for (by South American standards) short/medium journeys. They are a good way to get around and – assuming you’re on a backpacking budget – the only way to get around a lot of time, but they can become something of a ‘groundog day’ curse. Although you can’t generalise completely as there are exceptions, as a rule: don’t expect highly efficient, on time buses, don’t expect the most direct route, and do allow yourself some leeway if you’ve got anything important lined up at the other end!You will almost certainly undertake some long (probably very long) journeys by bus too, so it’s very much a case of finding your inner ‘Zen’, having a good book on the go, and just going with it! And there are some very good bus and road networks in the more developed parts of the continent: so savour these when you have the chance!
If you’re planning on seeing a lot of the continent, or are short on time, then you’ll need to make use of the internal air network. This is generally excellent, and a great way to get around (especially as you look down on the buses below!). There are now several low-cost carriers too, so it needn’t be too expensive. Websites generally have an English language option, so it’s worth going direct for the best prices.
Rail travel is a non-starter. There are some lines, but these are generally aimed at tourist trails (such as getting to Macchu Picchu), and not at travelling longer distances.

South East Asia

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