Monday, 16 January 2012


After categorising all my facts and information about backpacking, i read back through it to see what i had produced ( category wise) and see if anything came from it all. When reading the information it lent itself to be some sort of guide or information pack to Backpacking, as all my categories were something to do with information you need to know about backpacking before you go on the holiday.
At this point my research was quite broad, it included general information on travel and then information on backpacking holidays in different countries.

I decided that i should narrow my research down and make it easy to communicate an idea across, i decided that i would do backpacking in Australia, as this is country i got the most information for.
I then started to think of some ideas for this, bearing in mind i have jotted some ideas down on the category page.

1. A series of 10 posters which will communicate information as an essential guide to backpacking in Australia. The posters will all be linked by style, colour and tone of voice. All would be A3 format.

2. A series of 10 double page spreads which will be made into a booklet. The booklet size will probably be A5; its a nice size to work with and lends well the book publishing format. The style of spreads will be consistent throughout so that the book carries the same look and all the spreads work as book.

Both ideas will vary from information graphics, illustrations, type and image and type.
The categories that the outcomes would be based on are:
-Timeline of history of travel
- flight information
- Accommodation
- Culture
- Characteristics of backpacker
- What to pack
- Experiences
- Backpacking Routes
- Jobs
- Attractions
- Transport
- Destinations
- Visa/Insurance

After i thought about both of these ideas, i thought that the idea of a backpacking information pack would suit it a lot better, so i have decided to go with this idea.
From the outcomes listed above i have chosen to use:
1. Timeline of history of travel
2. Flight information
3. Accommodation
4. Characteristics of Backpacker
5. What to pack
6. Transport
7. Attractions
8. Destinations
9. Visa/insurance/jobs
10. Packaging design of the information pack

The title of the information pack will be 'Australia: the essentials to Backpacking'. The pack will be slightly bigger than A5. Everything inside will vary in format, just so that its something different and makes it more interesting for the reader and for me when i'm designing it, all the different formats will fold down to A5 though. I have decided A5 size as i think its a nice size that fits well in your hand when reading and looks good on display too.

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