Tuesday, 31 January 2012

100 things…Booklet front covers

For the front covers i wanted to keep the design simple as there not that big, so i am going to use the adapted logo and just have the name of it on it, using the colour scheme too. I think that it will clean and professional, they should stand out in a shop too.

As you can see i have but a bleed on the document, this is because i am going to double side print the page, so the inside will be the same colour as the front cover, this will give me extra room for cutting etc and for the lining up on the printer when printing double sided as its not always accurate.

These printed out really nice and all the colours look good together, when they are laid out it looks like a spectrum going from one end to the other, which is what i was looking at creating, so i am happy with that. 
The only problem i have had is folding them, because i wanted the books to have a thicker front cover, i printed them onto card, but when i folded them to make the booklets the spine has cracked and the ink has come away leaving a white spine and ripped edge, this has really annoyed me and i should of thought of this earlier but if i was to do it again i would definitely use thinner card.

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