Wednesday, 25 January 2012

100 things…Maps booklet

One of the booklets in my series of travel guides is one with all the maps of each region. I was going to print it out at A2 but then thought doing it in the booklet would carry on the series and make it easier for the audience to read. With each region being on a double page spread it is zoomed in more and easier to read.

From drawing out the maps and adding the accommodation, cities and tourist attractions.

I used these two maps and split them up to put each region in the booklet.
I added names onto the map in indesign and also did the key in indesign.

This booklet is definitely my favourite one out of them all. I like the maps the most, they took a long time to do, drawing them wasnt too bad, but getting the locations for the key in the right place was the hardest, i used google maps for this. But i think the overall outcome for it is really effective. I much prefer something like this to a big large scale map.
I have also used these maps to print out a bigger version in A3 for the Australia one and A4 in the Tasmania, i chose to do A4 for the Tasmania one because the map of it isn't that big and i thought it i was to print it A3 it would be over sized and not look very good. These were a thought towards the end of the project, i thought that backpackers may want to plan there route out at home before they left, having a bigger map makes this easier to do and you can compare every region together instead of flicking through the book.

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