Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Letter A book/zine

As part of the workshops we have been doing with Amber we are to produce a small book/zine which will be sold at a design book show.
The work we have been doing within the workshops forms the basis of these zines. I got given the letter 'A'. For this i have been focusing on taking photos of the letter 'A' in different fonts/styles.

-For my book i am going to make it by using a hotdog fold. This basically splits the page in half and folds it up into 4 sections, which opens like a book, you then unfold it to show a poster.
-For the poster on the inside it will be full of letter 'A's in different fonts etc. Im not sure what the insides will be, maybe my favourite letters out of the poster? or framed versions of it taken as a photo?
-The book is going to be screenprinted throughout, i want the text to kept at a minimal/ none at all as i want it to be very visual which i think it will be.
-Doing the book screenprinted makes it cheap for me to make and i can do lots of copies at once in the one screen.
-The book will have a hard front cover to make it look better, again will a screen printed or letter press front cover.

I am unsure on the colours etc for it, but this is the basic idea which i am going to follow through.

Letter A's in different fonts - some ideas on what i could use

These two were where i got the idea for it in the first place, i like the idea of having it in a frame but i dont think that would work for the poster, maybe for inside the book? I also want to do something similar to this for myself in my own time.

examples of letters

Some more inspiration i found online to help me get started on this.

From having another workshop with Amber on this today we looked at different folds and paper weight and colour. We tested different paper weights with the hotdog fold to see which works the best.

I have decided that i like the dark blue paper alot and want to use that for my book. I am still keeping it based on letters and the typeface etc. The inners of the book are going to be either single letters that i like the most or a group of letters put together. The pull out poster is going to be a design based upon letters.
I havent decided if i am going to keep it based on one letter, or just letters generally. 
I think i will have a outer front cover which will be on thick card to make it more rigid, this will either be white or a colour that will work with the blue paper.
The book will be screen printed throughout, there wont be any other text, i want it to be plain visual.
I still might play around with woodblock letter as well.

Idea for woodblock letter press

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