Tuesday, 24 January 2012

100 things…more design sheets.

From deciding on my actual idea, the final rationale, i started to draw up some ideas for the products. For my products it was a lot of planning the layouts really, there isn't a lot of illustrations or other design work to do for it. The only booklet which has these is the maps (but thats a given illustration really!) and the preparation booklet, which need some illustrations for the spreads. Other than these the rest is getting the layout right and the right images and information for the booklets. I already have all the information its just the case of getting the images.

But back to the design sheets, I have split the booklets into 3 different areas:
- region booklets
- maps
- preparation and tourist attractions

These are grouped together as they have the same amount of imagery and text to work with, so the layouts will be very similar to each other.

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