Monday, 30 January 2012

100 things…images for destination booklets

For the destinations booklets i am including a photo of the place, for this photo i didnt want it to be the original colour as alot of these together wouldn't look very professional and wouldnt fit in with the colour scheme, so i decided to edit the photos by using the hue/saturation tool. This will allow me to colorize the photo to a certain colour and i can tie this colour in with the rest of the colour scheme of the booklet.

The images i am going to use for one of the booklets

the hue/saturation tool, which i used the colorize setting to get this effect.

If you look at the bottom right image you can see its a different colour by changing the options within the hue/saturation panel.

Finished images to use in the booklet, you can now see that all the images are around the same tonal range and work much better as a set here, so will look alot better in the booklet edited to these colours.

I will do the same to all of the images that i am going to use for each of the destination booklets.

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