Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hotdog Books

From main ideas i had earlier on i finally decided on doing the wood block type books. I went down to the print room today and started on doing these.
To start with i made a couple of mock ups with some writing on so i knew how it work when i was printing the blocks to get it the right way up for the inside pages of the book - not that it i a necessity.

I chose a selection of letters, varying in sizes and basically printed them onto the page, i did it by hand and was just printing which letters i thought looked good together.
To start with i experimented with the two colours

 I like the maroon colour the best. I just think that the white printed on top looks really nice and gives it a much better finish to it. On the grey one it sort of fades in with the colour of card.
I managed to get 4 done today and one double sided printed. For the title page i used the really small blocks and i am going to call it 'wood bloc type'. On the sample one i realised that i printed the e on type the wrong way round and i wanted to use a k on bloc. so i might print over the top with a different colour and see how it looks. The second time round i taped the little blocks together so it made it abit more neater and easier for me to line everything up. I am going to replace the c with a k because 'block' wont fit on the page and i think 'blok' is better than 'bloc'.

For the inside poster i think i will print over the top with a second colour really faintly, just to give it more of a depth. Well this depends on how long it'll take me to print them all. I have realised that printing every letter takes a long time, so when i go down tomorrow im going to stick some block together and print a couple at a time, this should make the process quicker, or even see if i can use the press machine to do it.
Hopefully they should all come out well. Each one will be tailor made!

Folding up the booklets.

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