Tuesday, 24 January 2012

100 things…Preparation Booklet

So i have finished the booklet; Preparation followed through one of the design from my design sheet with the ideas on it.
To start with i had to design some of the illustrations/info graphs for the pages in the booklet.

Climate page
To star with for the graph i had to find all the relate information for the climate in Australia. I found this for 10 different cities, so i averaged out the temps for each of the seasons to get the information for the graph.

this was the finished graph and the averages for each of the seasons, i added the rest of the information in Indesign.

For this one i had to draw up an illustration for the currency conversion of GBP to AUS dollars.
I played around with different ways of making a coin shape and decided on either the 3rd one or last one

Both the coins designed together, i decided on using the bottom one, as i think this will sit better on the page, its not at as much of an angle or extruded as much as the first one, so it looks better i feel.

What to pack
For this page i was going to draw an illustration of a backpack with the essential items in it.
To start with i needed to draw up symbols for the items

20 symbols for the 20 items which were on the essentials to pack list.
I then drew out a backpack, which i was very pleased with as it took me quite a while and i didnt think it would come out this well.
The two put together to create the final illustration

The final booklet

I am very pleased with this booklet, especially the illustrations within it, i think they are some of the best i have done (the backpack illustration). As im not really into this sort of designing (illustrations) i did find this quite hard, but i am pleased with the outcome of it and i think i did a good job of it! 
The rest of the spreads have turned out good too, the layouts work well within the given format, i tried to keep the information to a minimal, as i didnt want to overcrowd it, but i think i have achieved this.  

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