Thursday, 19 January 2012

100 things…Final Idea

After deciding on what i was going to do originally which was to produce a beginners pack for backpackers which included information on:
-history timeline
- characteristic of backpacker
- Accommodation
-Visa & insurance
-Essentials things

Each of these catergories were going to be either a booklet or poster, but when i was trying to do the work, i kept getting myself all muddled up because i was trying to take on too much and cover too much of an area to do this. Each booklet was going to be at like 20page!

So i have decided that i am going to keep it similar to this idea in it being a guide, but its not going to aimed at backpackers anymore, just a guide for Australia in general. I am going to produce 10 hotdog folding booklet which are A3 in size or A6 pocket guides. The inners will act as pages and the full inside page will have a big map on it.

Break down of booklets:
7 booklets on regions on Australia - Each booklet will have 6 main cities, which will have a brief info on it/ climate / distance to airport / getting around / activities / must see attractions.
Preparation - Everything you need to prepare yourself for a holiday
Tourist Attractions - main tourist attractions - where situated/picture/brief info.
Wildlife - illustrations of popular wildlife found there - inside poster on species in australia

This will all either be together in a pack by a belly band, or i will design packaging for it. The covers of each hotdog book will be coloured and should look nice as a set.

I am going to design the pages to A6 then once each booklet is designed i will decide which format to do it in, either a hotdog fold or pocket guide booklet, with separate map.

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