Tuesday, 24 January 2012

100 things…Symbols

From the previous symbols i had created, i used photoshop and i realised when i started out that these wouldnt be of any use as it would be hard to change the colour of each one, it would be much easier to do it in illustrator, as i could then edit the colour in Indesign when im putting the booklets together.

Small icons - transport/activities
I have use the background colour as the main colour of the booklet, this ties it in with whole colour scheme and makes them stand out too, as the other colours will be at a lower opacity.

Main Symbols - airport/climate
Again i have used the main colour of each of the booklets as the icon colour, but when i transfer it into indesign i will put the opacity of the icon in the middle to around 50% as text will be going over the top of this, so it needs to be readable.

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