Tuesday, 24 January 2012

100 things…Design sheets and initial ideas

To get myself going i started doing some design sheets to think out how i can layout the pages. I have decided that the region booklets are all going to be the same layout as each page has the same information, the tourist attraction and preparation will be the same because they both have image and text within and the maps booklet will be separate again, as these will just be the maps on the pages with the title.


Further exploring the layouts
For better understanding of the layouts i did some quick mock ups of the two types of booklets i was considering using, i then tried out different layouts within the pages, to see which works with the format etc.
It also got me thinking about the front cover design too!

Tourist Attractions & Preparation

Further exploring
Again i tried out the layouts within the given format to see how they looked and feel within the booklets



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