Wednesday, 7 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Crit

As we are half way through this module we had a crit to look at the progress everyone had made and the way in which they are taking the project.

To start off with we had the opportunity to present our ideas and explain what we were doing for the project, at the end of this we had some general feedback.
From that we then did a more formal and written crit, which took the form of critting in pairs and giving formal feedback on the work presented.

Feedback 1
- Format works brilliantly - easy to use and understand
- Typeface works well - gives a post-modernist feel, sans serif body copy works well with layout.
- A sample pack would be an interesting part of the publication - how easy to get samples?

Areas for Improvements
- Some areas of the layout (basic terminology) the spaces are random and not laid out as well as the others.

- You may have trouble laser-cutting as you lose detail, debossing would give it a nice feel.
- Colour scheme should link with simplicity of layout, coloured stock wouldn't work too well with small body copy also if you're printing images in full colour or duo-tone it would lose quality.

Feedback 2
- The format is appropriate - easy to read/good layout
- Clean and simple layouts are effective - it is quite a heavy topic to write about so displaying information should be clearly laid out
- Gill Sans works well - very versatile and effective
- Sample pack would be good idea and would work well with referencing throughout the publication
- We really like the greybeard laser cut idea, with the brightly coloured paper coming through. It would be a great finish
- Colour could help categorise your printing topics within the publication could link in with CMYK and RGB

I found this crit really good and useful, it has backed up all my ideas and designs that i have already carried out. I feel alot more confident about my project and know that everything i am doing is in the right direction.
Using the questions i asked, it has ironed out some queriers i had and i now have the answers to everything i wanted to know.

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