Friday, 16 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print // Sample Pack

I set out originally to have a set of samples to create a sample pack to go with the publications, i am still having this idea as i think it will compliment the publication well and work along side it so there are actual things to look at, but the design of this has changed.
I am changing the design because i haven't got as many samples as i wish/thought i could get and having them loose within the overall packaging wouldnt have worked very well.
So now i am having a 3 panel folder which each panel has a pocket to slide the samples in, these will be - stock, print processes and finishes. The folder will fold up to be the same size as the publication, which works well for packaging the items together and it makes a much clearer coherent product range.

Sketch of net and how it works:

Mock up of the folder:

Print Samples:

This is just a selection of some of the samples that i have been collecting and receiving off companies that have sample requests. I think this is a good aid within my manual pack and something that i can use myself in the future.


The design of the sample pack is going to be the same as the publications, with the front cover design. This will tie everything in together and make it all look a set of work.

This design will be laser cut using grey board. The colour that i will use behind this one is going to be mango yellow. I have chose this because it will fit in with the colour scheme of the publications - orange and blue. 

The design of the net of the publication has been tricky, it has taken me a few attempts to get it right, but i have finally got a net that works. I have decided that on each pocket, the title will be laser cut out. I will cut the thing out on the laser cutter, as i know it will be more precise and more likely to work then!

The net for the sample folder

Example of what the title will look like on each folder section.

Images of the folder:

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