Thursday, 15 November 2012

OUGD503 // Deciding on the brief

From picking our 5 competition briefs we want to use within the responsive module we had a workshop with Fred. This workshop was to help us understand the briefs and unpick them, by the end of the workshop we would have our chosen brief which is ready to rewrite and start going on the actual design of it.

When i went into the workshop i knew there was two which i wanted to do and couldnt decide between them which one to do as the main brief this was the ella's kitchen and fedrigoni brief.
I decided to use the fedrigoni brief for this session and because it was the one i was getting more ideas for.

To start with we given 4 questions which we had to write as many answers to and clear our minds of all the stuff about the briefs.

Why have you chosen the brief?
- interested in working with stock
- good challenge
- working for a large company
- lots of variations within outcomes
- working on a campaign
- ties in with all print work doing at the minute

What do you want to get out of the brief?
- work on a well established company
- produce a campaign
- try new avenues of design
- experiment with the requirements of the brief
- produce well though out high standard design
- creditation of good design work - getting noticed for the work

What do you want to do/make/propose in response to the brief?
- try something new in which i design
- work with craft and stock itself
- create some sort of video/large scale advert to promote variation of range
- aim at printers - use printers within campaign
- 3d work
- collaborate with other off another course? video

Why do you want to enter the brief?
- interesting ideas
- working with stock
- great established company
- lots of products that could produce from it

From this the session continued with more questions and general discussions of the answers to these questions

Whats the problem?
- printers aren't aware of the range of stock available and see that it is high priced so dont use the fedrigoni papers
- paper used for basic uses - not experimented with
- make fedrigoni the favoured paper merchant

What is the brief asking you to do?
- create a campaign
- show how adaptable the paper is
- show off the range
- affordable paper
- use and showcase the paper in a creative way
- use various channels to reach the audience

What is the brief trying to achieve?
- to get more custom
- make it a more affordable brand
- raise profile with printers
- be the favoured supplier

10 most important words
- raise profile
- favoured
- showcase
- diverse range
- exciting
- engaging
- promote
- memorable
- ultra functional
- communicate

Whats the message?
- Fedrigoni papers offer a wide range of papers which are multi functional at a affordable price
- we are the favoured paper supplier
- high end product, produced in diverse range at affordable price

Who is the audience?
- Designers
- Printers
- Businesses

What is the context?
- digital - web, video ads
- print - adverts, promo material, mail outs, publications, info pack
- advertisements - public, within businesses
- national scale
- tv adverts
- mail - email, post
- deign companies - within work

What products do you associate with the brief?
- publication
- 3d work
- craft
- ads
- mail outs
- info packs
- website
- video

What do you have to do?
- create a campaign to create awareness of the range and price of Fedrigoni papers

What do you need to do?
- create a range of products which changes the mind-set of printers that Fedrigoni is a high priced product, to something that is multifunctional with a range of paper available at an affordable price.

What can you do?
- create a video that showcases different paper in different uses.
- create a publication that uses the craft elements listed to show what can do with the papers - interactive - 3D
- budget, finance
- Large scale ad - billboards - which show the diverse range through different means of design (packaging, business heads etc, stationery, print, posters, books)

What could you do?
- think outside the box, dont just create something within print because its stock. Think how else could be adaptable.
- everyday use within business
- identifying within a publication - chapters etc
- different books for different needs?


- also think what hasnt been done before?

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