Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Design for web // Crit on Scamps

These were my scamp design, which going into the crit i was pretty sceptical about because i was still unsure about the content of my website and how i was going to display this, but nevertheless i still went in and  showed the designs.

Feedback Questions
To start with we had to write our own questions to be critted on:
1. Which scamp do you feel works the best for my given subject? (VW Campervan)
2. Is there enough content on the designs or do I need to contain more?
3. Does the structure of the design seem easy to view and understand the content of website?
4.  Use of navigation places and used to the best of abilities?
5. On all scamps the logo is placed in the middle, do you think this is the best placement?
6. Is there enough variation within my designs to get one good final design?

- We feel the scamp 1 works the best because it seems simple an easy to navigate prefer the positioning of the information
- links are easy to find and navigate through
- logo fits well within the composition to create a balanced look.
- Scamps are well structured, alot of detail, interesting designs
- Number 3 works well because it has a timeline and is easy to navigate.

Areas for Improvements:
- Developed scamps seem more confusing as there is alot going on, lots of scrolling
- Make it clear what the theme is? Whats its purpose?
- Some of landing pages are more within the landing pages.

- What style will the images be? Photos, illustrations?
- Presuming there is a scroll feature on most of the designs? Not shown properly

My Thoughts on the Feedback
From the feedback that i got, i was pretty sure that the scamps i had designed were confusing with the design and how the content would fit within them. I think i was trying to fit too much information into the website, which was one of my concerns. 
The feedback i got has reassured that and made me think about the content and how to display it better, but the fact that two of the design structures were liked, will help me re-design the website. The positive feedback on the navigation is great and i know that the placement of logo and the links works well in there opinion. 
For the comment about the theme and purpose, i knew i wasnt 100% clear on that before i went into the crit, so i didnt really think everyone would understand / know what would be in the website, but now i know that it needs to be condensed to a minimum amount of text and be more image based.

After the crit i spoke with Simon because i was abit confused where to go next with the content and the purpose of the site. I knew what i wanted the content to be, but it involved alot of information which wouldnt be good for the website. When speaking with Simon he suggested thought that the content idea of it being about the VW models and informing people about them and what is different on each one, is a good idea, but to make the text simple and refine to a certain amount of facts, but to also include images to make it more visual. 

Where to go next
From the crit i have decided that the website is going to based around informing the viewers about VW transporters and the many different model within the series. To do this i am going to make the website sort of work like 'Top Trumps' in that there will be 6 facts about each vehicle, these facts will be the same subject each time, so you can compare between them all. A image or illustration will be included of each vehicle to make it more visual.
In terms of designing the website, i am going adapt the two scamps which were favoured by taking the elements from each which were liked and creating a better design.

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