Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Initial Ideas

From the first session we had with Fred about pulling the brief apart, i went away and started to think of  outcomes and ways that i could approach this brief. In the session i had some quick ideas of what i areas of design i could focus on. I want to try something new, but incorporate it to something that i also know a fair bit about so that the outcome will be interesting but be a good standard of work too.

In the session i had some ideas of working with paper craft, installations, 3D work and interactive publications, video, web.
I have developed these ideas and come up with a range of ideas that explore these initial ideas that came to me.

Areas of Design:
- video
- publication
- poster
- web
- mailshot
- installation
- interactive

1. Video showing stocks in multiple ways - animated - showing process of making them - packaging, letterheads etc
- All comes together to make one product - Show Fedrigoni - Make the Logo etc
- animated, time lapse

2. Print Campaign
Large scale adverts and small scale flyers etc. Showing capabilities of the stock.
- set out like branding with different products laid out. Shows how papers can be branded into something else.
- Packaging, print based media - all to do with business.

3. Publication / Info Pack
Interactive/3D publication that shows different paper and what they are good for.
e.g. packaging, embossing, cutting, folding.
Make these interactive within the publication
- info pack // multiple page document // coptic stitch // japanese bind
- Publications explains and informs about the papers and weight etc of them
- use letter cut. screen print, etc to make more interesting.

4. Installation
3D installation, use different papers to make different products which all come together and create one thing.
- HP Print advert - Kinston Universtity

HP - invent from Films & Things on Vimeo.

This is... campaign to run through products or on its own?
This is Fedrigoni
This is Packaging
This is Sirio Colour

- can work throughout some of the products and outcomes or work on its own as a campaign.

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