Monday, 19 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Foil Blocking

At the start of this brief i had in mind that i wanted to use foil blocking within the front covers or somewhere on the packaging. I had never done this before so i thought i would try it out on something else to test it first.
The process that i used was to use a heat press. Which i found out was the wrong choice because it didnt work that well at all really, which i am really glad that i did try it out and wasnt leaving it till last minute to do it for the actual brief. After doing it that way i did, i was told that using a laminator would produce a better outcome, so i will try that process instead.
But for the use of it within the brief i arent going to use it, just because i dont feel confident enough to do it and i know that it will end up spoiling the whole project, so i will think of something else to do instead. And i will try using the laminator when i have some free time to experiment with it.

As you can see it has worked slightly and is in the process of sticking correctly but it hasnt fully transferred and has left alot of the original print behind.

This was even worse, hardly any of the foil has stuck to the ink and it is really disappointing.

Again here you can start to see that the foil is sticking but not enough for a clean finish on the design.

After a second go, i turned the heat press up and left it on for longer, but still not 100%.

Again you can see it is starting to stick to the larger solid area, but still not at a good quality.

here it has done better and is sticking more over the design, but still not a good print.

Finally this one did work the best but still it isnt a clean print which is what i was looking for.

I am deffinatly going to try using the laminator instead as i do really like this technique and think it will look great once i have practised it more. 
maybe it had something to do with the print quality in the first place, as i didnt think that the black was printed very well, it seemed a bit washed out and not a solid black to me, which would have effected it when it was been heated up. Or maybe the design was too intricate, im not sure, but im not giving up on it!

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