Monday, 19 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Monoprinting

At the start of the project we had the chance to go back to the print resource and have a lesson to get back into knowing the equipment and improving our printing skills. I decided to go along to this as i like using this area and the print techniques.
In the session we did some monoprinting. Which at the time i had never seen it or heard of it before, so this was good for me as i was learning something new and i could include it in this brief.

Monoprinting is a process that involves images, lines, textures and type that can only be made once; it is not reproduced.
A monoprint is created by building up layers within the design, this could be done through using screen printing, but also different craft materials such as graphite pencil, water colours, woodblock stamps. Each layer would be created on a screen and then transferred onto the stock by using printing medium or ink. Throughout the process the designer can make changes to each layer; adding elements or taking them away, this is how only one design can be produced.
Out of all the printing techniques this is most art influenced technique and isn’t used that much within graphic design, mainly because it is very time consuming and only one design an be done at a time. This technique could be used for a one off print, but as a commercial process it is not up to that standard.

These prints were built up by screenprinting different layers on top of each other. There wasnt any real meaning to the design or an idea behind it i was just testing out the technique and seeing what i could do with it.

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