Wednesday, 21 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Amendments

From the final crit which we had for the Design for print brief, i have come up with a list of amendments that i need to correct/ do for the final deadline.

After the crit I spoke with Lorraine who went through my publications and looked at them in detail and marked any areas which could be improved /  errors within the design of it.
- single words on the end of a paragraph
- lines within the page design needed to be aligned - some are out by a pixel or so
- spelling mistakes - COLOUR
- line spacing

Things left to do
- create net for packaging and sample pack
- send publications to print
- finish the outer of the publications

Overall the design of the publications and all the content is complete and to a high quality which my feedback has shown. There are some errors and bits that need tidying up within the publications but apart from that they are ready to print. I need to source the net for the packaging and sample pack and get them designed and printed to complete the whole brief.

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