Friday, 16 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print // Illustration for publication 2

For my second publication on print production and finishes, there is alot of illustrations and diagrams within it, as it is more about showing the processes etc, so for this publication i have had to create all the illustrations myself. 
I have done them all in the pantone orange 150C to stay consistent with the colour of the publication, using tints to differ the colours and define the illustrations more.

Bookbinding Illustrations


Perfect Bind

Saddle stitched

Japanese stab bind

Comb bind

Spiral coil bind

Belly band

Open bind

Clips and bolts

Case bind

Elastic bind


Bookbinding terminology diagram 

Print Processes






Stock GSM

Stock direction


All these illustrations have worked and resulted a better finish than i thought i would be able to get and i am pleased with the results that i have got from these. 
I think they are consistent across all the different illustrations which will work well within the publication and tie it all together in a more coherent manor.

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