Thursday, 1 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Direction of Work

After much thought and endless scribbling downs of ideas etc i have come up with the plan for my production manual and all the other products around it.

I am going to create a information pack on Design Production, this is going to be called 'The production Manual'. The information pack will include the following:
- Publication
- Samples
- Tutorials

The publication is going to be a 'z-bind' publication, this is going to hold all the information about design production. The z-bind allows a publication to be split into 2 seperate categories which works well for this idea.
The 2 books within the publication are:
- Designing for Print
This encompasses all aspects of the design process and what you need to be aware of when designing for print.
Areas covered are: colour // creative colour techniques // Artwork.

- Print Production & Finishes
This contains all information about the production process within commercial print and also the finishing techniques available and what they are.
Areas covered: printing processes // printing techniques // stock // binding // special finishes // laminates and varnishes.

With both publications i am thinking of using a coloured stock, this will distinguish the two publications from each other and then use the colour on the front covers of each publication.

I will be including samples of:
- printing processes
- printing techniques
- stock
- finishes

As this whole collection of products is about designing for print, i thought it would be good to actually include some tutorials for the different softwares you can use and the different tools and techniques available within these software packages.
These are going to be laid out as step by step guides with instructions and images. They will be included on a CD in a pdf format.

The packaging for the whole thing will be a closed box, this will open in half and half 2 sections, one on either side.
The left side will be where the publication is kept, this will be done by using a holder within the box, it will half a acetate front so you can see the publication, but there will be information printed onto the acetate about the information pack.
The right side will be an open area where all the samples and tutorial disk will be kept together.

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