Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Design for web // Final Crit

For the Design for web crit we were split down into small groups which we went around in pairs to crit each others work.
I was a little dubious about this crit, as i had been working on my website and had something there to show, but i wasn't feeling 100% positive about it myself, so i wasn't sure how it was going to go down within the crit.

Feedback 1
- simple, clean design which allows imagery to be focused
- enthusiasts will be able to understand the buttons
- direction boards are text heavy but useful
- colour palette is appropriate

Areas for Improvements
- background is abit flat, perhaps a static VW logo could tie everything together
- pastel colours mixed with a bold colour is not as effective as 2 pastel colours. Have you thought about making the buttons the pastel colour?

- consider extending the imagery to full page like in your research
- consider an intro or about page to give the pages context.

Feedback 2
- really good start to a working website
- good links with research and final designs
- primary images are very professional
- colour scheme works well with vintage style and imagery

Areas for Improvements
- content could be developed further...'history of vw' maybe?

- what does T1, T2, T3 etc mean? Will the audience know?
- Arrows
- Consider how you display the facts.

As a whole i don't think this was particularly bad feedback, but it wasn't the best positive feedback which i wasn't expecting. There are areas mentioned on this feedback which i knew myself that i needed to add in and change, but it was still a working in progress website.
The main points i took away from this were about the actual design of the website and the content and how it may not be suitable, so this got me thinking about changing the design of the website and making it better to understand and easy to access the information which the user would want as this is an information website about VW campervans.

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