Thursday, 8 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print // Publication one - Design for Print

This is the first publication from the resource pack that i am designing for 'The Print Production manual'. 
After developing the style and design for the content of the publication, i have created a minimal instructional style to the publication, which works with the small blocks of body text throughout the spreads. Along with these i have created diagrams and images to help aid the understanding of the content. 

This is the first publication - 'Designing for Print'

As i came to the end of designing both the publications, i realised that i hadnt included Costing within the publications, so i needed to fit this in within the two. I felt that putting it in the Designing for Print publication would fit best as alot of costing come down to colour, colour techniques and artwork, which is all in this publication. Also this publication was smaller and had less chapters so physically fitting it in this one would have been better for me to do.
This did cause some implications with the design of it already, the contents page had to be changed to include the new chapter.

Out of the two i decided to use the first design, i choose this one because it sits on the page and reads better than the other design. I do like the idea of the second one, but it has awkward white space in either corner of the spread which i wasn't too happy with. Also the top design is more in keeping with the second publication contents page, so its more consistent across the products. 

The Final adapted publication

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